Trade 32 – gpacket (0082.kl)

#32Source: chartnexus

Entry : 0.355 on 21 Jul 2017

Exit : 0.39 on 17 Oct 2017

Volume : 8500 units

Reason to enter : This was the second time I traded this counter in as many year. The plan was always to come back to trade this counter, swing trading style. After the price had hit a 3 year-high back in May, it had made a correction and started to trading sideways between the 50% and 61.8% Fibonacci retracement lines. At one point, the price closed below the 50% line before starting to rise steadily. That was where I took my position, while the price was on the rise.

Reason to exit : On 17 Oct, the price was reluctant to make a heavy move after a quite significant rise the day before. An evening doji star candlestick pattern was forming by the end of the day, indicating a potential reversal. I made my move to close my position. I will definitely come back to this counter in the future to swing trade it.

Fees : 14.73 in, 14.47 out.

Gain / Loss : 268.66

All time trading performance : (28794.89) #owningup #pastmistakes


Trade 31 – flbhd (5197.kl)

#31Source: chartnexus

Entry : 1.76 on 17 Jul 2017

Exit : 1.53 on 28 Aug 2017

Volume : 2000 units

Reason to enter : 50 days EMA line crossing 200 EMA line from below, indicating a possibility of long-term bull run.

Reason to exit : Price drop sharply with a gap following its poor quarterly report. Even then, I hesitated for a few days before finally pulling the trigger and get out.

Fees : 14.53 in, 14.39 out.

Gain / Loss : (488.92)

All time trading performance : (29063.55) #owningup #pastmistakes

*For this trade, I managed to turn a winning position into a losing one. Greed took over and I overstayed too long when I should have close my position right after the price broke 3 resistant lines (plotted using Fibonacci retracement) in a same day.

Trade 30 – hibiscs (5199.kl)

#30Source: chartnexus

Entry : 0.45 on 23 May 2017

Exit : 0.565 on 20 Sept 2017

Volume : 9000 units

Reason to enter : Price made a 2 week-high and MACD line crossing signal line from below on 15 May. On 22 May, the price broke out a pennant chart pattern. It was also a new 4 week-high. I entered this trade the next day.

Reason to exit : On 20 Sept, Public Investment Bank put a target price of 1.06 for this counter. When the news broke out, the price rally immediately. My reaction; I chickened out. I exited at 0.565 instead of letting my winner run. The counter closed at 0.65 at the end of the day.

*Although the price dropped below the support line on 22 Jun, where I should cut my loss, a candlestick pattern of morning doji star was formed, indicating a price reversal.

Fees : 15.70 in, 17.03 out.

Gain / Loss : 1002.27

All time trading performance : (28574.63) #owningup #pastmistakes

Trade 29 – ffhb (8605.kl)

#29Source: chartnexus

Entry : 0.825 on 22 May 2017

Exit : 0.73 on 30 May 2017

Volume : 5000 units

Reason to enter : The price made a new 4-week high 6 days before, supported with MACD line crossing its signal line from below. I waited for the price to made a small correction and entered a day after the price rebounded from that minor correction.

Reason to exit : The price fall below the support line, which was a Fibonacci retracement line.

Fees : 15.72 in, 14.57 out.

Gain / Loss : (505.29)

All time trading performance : (29576.90) #owningup #pastmistakes

2016 recap

recap 2016So, I traded 6 times in 2016, although I did not close 3 of the trades until 2017. From this 6 trades, I made a small gain of 286.29 and reduce my all time trading loss to (29071.61). I also managed to bring my trading loss to an all time high of (31976.73) before recovering a little.

I get my motivation back after I made some gains in the first two trades, alas it was short-lived. I get into 4 more trades and not long after that, on 25 April 2016, 1MDB rear its ugly head again. What happened after was only 1 way down. Instead of cutting my losses, I got fed up and turned a blind eye toward my own trading. Then I ran away. With my trading still in open position. Not a clever move.

For 2016, these were the lesson I got.

  1. Never learn from my pass lesson – I kept on repeating the same mistakes where I let my losses grow bigger and did not take any action to cut it early.
  2. Blaming everything else – I blamed everything else when things did not go the way I wanted. It was still hard for me to admit my mistakes and losses.
  3. Close position first – If you want to run away, at least close your position first.

Trade 28 – gpacket (0082.kl)


Entry : 0.275 on 13 Apr 2016

Exit : 0.42 on 26 Apr 2017

Volume : 18000 units

Reason to enter : This trade was an exception to the norm, where I traded the news rather than the technical indicator. The news at that time was that Packet 1 Network (P1), an internet service provider, will re-brand and relaunch itself as webe and would make an announcement on later on. It was rumored that webe would offer packages that would challenge the major telco players in the country.  That news was very mouth-watering and it was an opportunity not be missed.

*although the price did rally 1 year later, what really contributed to it was altogether different from what I had in mind. Instead of webe challenging other telcos and giving steady revenue, it was actually gpacket’s move to sold off webe and cut its losses that makes it an attractive counter again.

Reason to exit : A shooting star candlestick pattern was formed, indicating that price movement might reverse.

Fees : 15.99 in, 19.82 out.

Gain / Loss : 2574.19

Overall trading performance up to this point : (29071.61)

Trade 27 – pohuat (7088.kl)


Entry : 1.49 on 6 Apr 2016

Exit : 1.60 on 2 Jun 2016

Volume : 3300 units

Reason to enter : Price made a new 2-week high a day before and supported by MACD line crossing signal line from below.

Reason to exit : Lock in my profit, for fearing the price might drop soon.

Fees : 15.98 in, 16.09 out.

Gain / Loss : 330.93

Overall trading performance up to this point : (31645.80)